Yuno PC Concept is Hot, Filled with Liquid

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The Yuno PC is a coffee mug that has been cross-bred with a PC. It features a wrap-around touch-sensitive screen, and the ability to hold liquids in place until you are ready to consume them. This has got to be one of the stranger technology marriages I have seen in recent times. When I have hot coffee in my hands, I generally like to consume it. When I have a screen in front of me, I don’t generally like to hold it at an angle, right up against my face. Last time I tried to do something like that, I was making out with a picture of this guy… let’s just say that when the girlfriend walked in, I had some serious ‘splaning to do. Needless to say, we’re not together anymore, and I bought a lock for my door so that sort of “misunderstanding” never happens again.


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