Wind-It Aims to Bolster Power Grid, Post-It Unavailable for Comment

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Wind-it Turbine

Electrical transmission towers, those ugly monuments to our reliance on electricity, have been long overdue for an upgrade.  As a part of Metropolis Magazine’s Next Generation Contest, designed to drum up innovative ideas to “fix our energy addiction”, a trio of French designers came up with the Wind-It.  The basic idea is to install these turbines inside of the existing transmission towers.  This would allow for the turbines to pump the energy directly into the existing grid without further construction, and reduce the construction costs associated with turbine production.

It is estimated that the installation of such devices could deliver 5% of France’s power needs.  This statistic may not seem that impressive, and really, it isn’t.  France is a backwards hellhole that just recently discovered the magic of soap.  I think they might still be a few years away from finding out about OLED televisions, and e-Ink watches.  The annual power consumption for France barely measures up to what Vegas burns through in a weekend (and a slow weekend at that).

Although wind power might be all the rage, and “going green” is all the new buzzword for corporate America, I’m still not sold on the idea.  I still associate wind power with Storm from the X-Men, and “going green” as a suitable replacement for for “I think I’m gunna puke”.   I say keep burning coal, and let our kids deal with it.  It’s a lot easier that way for everyone… except them.  They’re pretty screwed anyway.


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