Wii Squeeze is Unnecessary; Stupid

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Hot on the heels of WiiFit, some guy company by the name of “InterAction Laboratories” has come up with this ridiculous Wii Squeeze peripheral.  As would be expected of such an insipid idea, Nintendo has not offered their support to this gadget, but InterAction Labs is optimistic.  They extoll the virtues of their device by presenting a demo that allowed them to pick up things with a claw using their “controller”.  Unfortunately, the demo was being run on a PC via some shady Wii-mote moding black-magic.  If picking up things with a claw by squeezing the handles of the controller together doesn’t get your engine running, think of all the other applications!  You could have Wii-Orange Juice Squeezer, Wii-…uhhhh…. Latrell Sprewell’s Choking Spree?  I think that’s about the full extension of applications for this device, and that’s why you will never have the joys of squeezing plastic handles together, and watching PJ Carlesimo’s eyes bulge like one of these creepy things.

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