Virgin Galactic Wants to Send You to Space

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Virgin Galactic

At a press conference today at New York City’s America Museum of Natural History, Sir Richard Branson went showing off his new space ship models. He, designer, Burt Rutan, and investor, Paul Allen, have been venturing into space tourism for a while now, but it finally seems that it is becoming a reality. They say that their latest model, the Space Ship Two, is about 60 percent complete, and they expect to perform test flights as early as this summer. The planned official launch date (see what I did there?) rests somewhere in 2009. “What might it cost me to frolic in space”, you say? 100 rich individuals have already reserved tickets at a price of $200,000. Shoot, I’ll send you into space for less money that that – POW, straight to the moon! More pictures – just hit ‘continue reading…’, at the bottom.

Virgin Galactic 2

Virgin Galactic 3Virgin Galactic 4Virgin Galactic 5Virgin Galactic 6

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