VentureOne, Car That Spills Your Drink

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VentureOne car spills

While it is much more fun to be cynical about crazy new things, this car is actually pretty cool. Venture Vehicles is developing a road car using tilting technology first explored by Carver Engineering. The idea behind the technology is that as a typical, 4-wheeled car turns, the center of gravity is shifted from the middle of the car to the outside, causing the vehicle to tilt away from a corner. The tilting technology allows the car the lean into corners like a motorcycle, keeping the center of gravity in the middle of the vehicle. The end product is a car that they claim creates a feeling akin to that of flying a fighter jet a few feet off the ground. Because I can’t fly a plane and that is an exceptionally stupid idea, I will have to take their word for it. In addition to making it impossible for your passenger to read, apply makeup, or play travel Hungry Hungry Hippos, the VentureOne also claims to reach 100+ miles per gallon in its hybrid form. There is also an electric version of the vehicle that boasts infinite miles per gallon, unless you decide to become Al Gore’s nightmare and just poor gas out the window while you drive. But that would be a little silly. Anyway, follow the link to the source page to get some more info and watch some videos from Top Gear (a kick ass BBC show about cars). Videos after the jump.


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