USB Rechargable Shaver: Why?

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USB rechargeable shaver

I’m starting to think that the electrical outlet’s days are numbered, as all things will soon be powered by USB.  First it was mice and keyboards, then media devices and hard drives, soon after that all sorts of things started popping up like refrigerators, flashlights, dancing hula girls and fans.  Now we can shave via glorious USB power while basking in the soft glow of our USB Flex Light.  The appropriately named “USB Rechargable Shaver” is now available from, and is completely unnecessary.  Seriously, there has to be a power outlet RIGHT NEXT to your computer if it’s a desktop, and if you’re in desparate need of a shave while you’re on the go, then just get a portable razer.  There is zero need for a device like this to be powered by USB.  Save your laptop’s battery life for something useful like the USB Vaccum Cleaner, because everyone knows how dirty your lap can get while using the computer.

Update – I finally understand the point of these devices.  I just got done shaving and vaccuming a bum that fell asleep next to me on the bus.  He’s going to be so happy when he wakes up.

Updated update – Do not try to vaccum and shave everyone you see sleeping on a bus.  Not everyone is that appreciative.

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