Tributaries T12 Is The Power Strip Of The Gods (not actual marketing slogan, but should be)

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T12 powerstrip

Because nothing of any importance is going on in the world, I have decided to let you all know about the most thrilling power supply ever invented by man. The Tributaries T12 Power Strip features 4 normal ports and 8 ports that conveniently rotate to allow for obnoxiously shaped power bricks. The devine surge protector also features inputs for coaxial cable, network cable, as well as telephone (to, you know, protect your computer ten years ago). To prove their faith in their worthy idol, Tributaries offers a $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty just in case you want to connect your car or everything I own to it. I can just imagine the moment of inspiration for such a device; surely the engineer was in the prescence of great power, maybe the Niagara Falls, a massive thunderstorm, a Dodge Hemi, or, perhaps, the physical manifestation of God Almighty Himself.<source>

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