Tentacle Arm is Real, Japanese Perverts Rejoyce

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Hentai Style Tentacle Rape Arm

The Gaia Online Website, despite its vast catalogue of incredibly creepy awesome items, has come up with what is its creepiest most awesome item ever. Enter the “Tentacle Arm”. The website lauds the superiority of suction cups over our primitive “apelike arms”. I don’t know about you, but I thought that whole “opposing thumbs” thing was pretty nifty. But thanks to the good folks at Gaia Online, for the low price of $15 (or $30 for a pair) we can know the joys of grasping our prey with a 100% polyester sleeve covered in suction cups. People will look at us and tremble before our suction-cup fueled might. Mwuhahahaha!!! And by tremble, of course, I mean “laugh so hard they have difficulty standing”.

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