Steampunk/Borg Taxidermy Is… Um… Unique

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cute steampunk taxidermy

If you’re like me, then you have loads of stuffed animals in your home. I’m not talking plush and cotton. I’m talking taxidermy. Yes, my home will creep you out more than Michael Jackson at the playground, or Michael Vick at the dog park, or me watching you sleep. It’s creepy. Artist, Lisa Black, has taken taxidermy beyond creepy and into the realm of… um.. something undefined. I don’t know whether to be creeped out or think this work is awesome. Either way, it is definitely like nothing I’ve ever seen before. All I know now is that my stuffed animals, stuffed Borg (yes, I hunt Borg), and mechanical storage garage now have something in common. More pictures after the jump, and more things to add to my collection.

cutefawnjust like my fawn and borg had a babythe eye thing is so it can seeok. I can define this as creepy.its cutethe tubes are for tubingsteampunkcrazy

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