SportBeans: Caffinated Jelly Beans for Athletes?

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Caffeine beans

Jelly Beans are candy.  As far as I know, athletes generally try and avoid foods such as jelly beans because they are unhealthy.  Jelly Belly has tried to find a way around this negative connotation among the athlete demographic by adding caffeine to their beans and rebranding them as “SportBeans”.  I think that Jelly Belly might actually be on to something here.  If adding caffeine to something makes it “Sport”, then I think a lot of other companies could use the same ploy to reach a new demographic.  Krispy Kreme should try something similar… just think about it.  Throw some stimulants into a glazed doughnut and *BAM*: SportDoughnut.  Taco Bell could have a field day with this idea, too.  Throw some ephedra and guarana in to their Nachos Supreme, and say hello to the jitteriest nachos you’ve ever seen: The HyperMega SportNachos *For an active livestyle*.  I’d definitely give that product a try if I wasn’t too busy drinking caffeinated breath spray and giving myself a shower shock enema.

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Huckle Cat June 16, 2008 at 8:21 am

Jelly Belly did not just add caffeine to a regular jelly bean. In fact, only two of their flavors have added caffeine. Get your facts right, including the part about athletes avoiding candy. Athletes often chow down on simple sugars during endurance events to keep up their energy. They don’t eat it as part of their regular diet, but then these jelly beans weren’t meant as a snack, not at a buck a pack. I bought the non-caffeinated kind for my kids, who compete in swimming and baseball in hot Gulf Coast summers. I thought they were just candy, too, but their performance actually went up when everyone else’s energy was sagging after M&Ms and SweetTarts. Everyone has accepted Power Bars, why not in a jelly bean?

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