Spicy Salad Tossing is a Bad Idea

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Salad Tossing

The folks over at YankoDesign usually report on some pretty cool stuff that I could usually see myself wanting at some point when I settle down and move into a non-cardboard lined domicile.  This “concept” salad-tossing device is something I could never see myself wanting, nor using.  For one, I do not toss salad.  Secondly, I do not like salt or pepper.  Third, even if I did like salt and pepper, I would never want to have to hold salt and pepper shakers while using a fork and spoon to toss a salad.  On top of all that, these things just seem so damned impractical.  What if you want to wash them, or store them on their side?  Wouldn’t that cause a deluge of salt and pepper to erupt from your utensils?  I’m also guessing that putting these things in a dishwasher is not an option.  You know what I would really like though?  I could go for some utensils that dispense bourbon and scotch (or any other kind of whiskey for that matter).  You know, just something that allows you to stab stuff and get drunk at the same time.  I might actually just tie a knife to the end of my bottle of Early Times to prod away the hobos who keep trying to steal my newspaper/blankets.  More pics of the non-whiskey dispensing utensils after the jump.  



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