Speaker Shoe is Giant Shoe-Speaker

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Well, the people over at 3F-Studio have done it. They have designed something so ugly and pointless that I realize why alien invaders would ever want to destroy us, in the first place (Hollywood makes so much more sense, now). Shame on you, humanity. This Frankenstein-esque monster makes me want to bring an angry mob, complete with torches and pitchforks, to the doorstep of 3F. They designed it after the Converse shoe for Converse shoe enthusiasts, but even the most dedicated of Converse fans wouldn’t want this huge, ugly display of audio disgrace anywhere near their wall-mounted collection of footwear. It’s fair to assume that Converse lovers also appreciate music, so kudos to 3F, but insulting to think that anyone would want to buy this thing. More pictures after the jump…

Converse Speakerconverse shoe 2converse speaker 3

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