Spam Architecture is Architecture Made From Spam

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Alex Dragulescu, created a program that turns email spam into art. From his web page:

The images from the Spam Architecture series are generated by a computer program that accepts as input, junk email. Various patterns, keywords and rhythms found in the text are translated into three-dimensional modeling gestures.

Most of the resulting art looks deadly, but pretty sweet. At least I found a pragmatic use for all that junk mail I get. Now, if I can only think of a way to make the random architecture generations habitable, I’l be rich, rich, RICH! Then it will be, ‘so long, suckers!’

WAY more pics, just follow the premalink:

very boxyvery scrunchyI could live in this… right?Open source?another onepointydeadly. very.only a little disorganizedcity style?death trap worthy of Bond, James Bond.reminds me of cardboard, but with more spikes.

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