Sony Shrinks Laser, Rick Moranis: “No Comment”

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Sony is reporting that they have managed to shrink the BluRay laser down to 3 mm. thick units. This will allow for thinner drive bays (to be installed more easily into laptops), and hopefully cheaper players in the near future. BluRay lasers are becoming easier to manufacture at large-scale, and are now able to read DualLayer discs that have been made with organic dyes in the recording layers. These kinds of discs can be manufactured from standard DVD production lines, and allow for even further cost reductions. Apparently Sony loves kicking Toshiba while they’re down. I mean, seriously now, Sony. They just lost Warner Brothers, people are calling them a dead format, and then you go and do something like this? This is worse than kicking them while they’re down. This is like delivering a swift kick to the groin of someone who’s having a heart attack. While amusing at the time, let me tell you, people don’t seem to appreciate that kind of comedy very much.

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rectsedeScura February 20, 2008 at 2:39 pm

He stood up and dropped his motorbikes in bid of me.

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