Solar Powered Emulator is Real, Al Gore Rejoyces

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Apparently China is embracing the “Green Movement” that is taking the United States by storm (although the device is still Red, like China itself) is now offering a solar-powered MP4 player/NES & GBA Emulator.This 2gb beauty is not only eco-friendly, it also seems pretty awesome.

Uniquely designed 2GB MP4 Player with 2 solar panels built in for either recharging the built in Li-ion batteries or for recharging other electrical devices through the USB OUT. The eco friendly MP4 player has the ability to recharge 4.5V, 5V, 6.3V, 9V devices, so you will be getting a mobile power station wherever you go. Other excellent features include a 3.5 Inch TFT Screen with a 1.6 million colors, a NES, GB and GBC emulator, an E-Book that will read aloud for you, and even a built in LED flashlight.

If you wanted to run over toChinaand pick one up, this bad boy would cost you $123 dollars, which is actually the monthly electrical bill it costs to run my own MP4 Player/NES & GBA Emulator.Mine isn’t solar powered, however, nor is it mobile.It is actually a Super Nintendo and a Game Boy duct taped to a handful of electric heaters and air conditioners facing each other.In other news, I hate the environment, and the sound of the Polar Ice Caps melting reminds me of Tetris.


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