Solar Keychain Cell Phone Charger is Awesome, Potentially Lifesaving

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solar keychain

With 5 different kinds charging attachments, there is a good chance that this bad boy is capable of charging your cell phone using only the sweet sweet nectar known as “sunlight”. Normally, products from Brando are the object of much ridicule from this site. This product, however, will only be the object of slight ridicule and some surprising praise. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this device is nifty, convenient, and potentially life-saving (there, enjoy that praise, Brando). If you’re like me, then you routinely go skydiving into uncharted territory with nothing more than a knife, a bottle of scotch, and a cell phone (no clothes necessary for the true outdoorsman). So many times I have experienced the dreaded death of a cell phone battery while in the middle of a fight to the death with a bear. Now, thanks to this device, if I happen to lose that fight I’ll be able to charge my cell phone using sunlight (assuming the sun is out).  Once my phone is charged, I can call my ex-wife and tell her with my last breaths, how much I truly hate her and hope she gets hit by a truck full of salt. Either that, or I’ll call 911 and hope that they can stitch together whatever is left of my once-beautiful body so I can roam the hillsides terrifying small children with my grotesque appearance. More pics (of the charger) after the jump.

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steve October 4, 2011 at 10:41 am

Is there any way to get an iPhone adapter for this?

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