SMS Novels Making Japan’s Top-Seller List

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Rin - Age 21

There has been a growing trend in Japan, recently. More and more SMS-based novels, written mostly by young adult women, are being released. These thumbmasters of text messaging had been previously criticized as pseudo-authors, offering nothing but a weak subgenre of literature – that was, until recently, however. Over the years, these SMS novels have been reaching the book stands in paper form. To the critics’ surprise, they have been selling very well. Book sales last year showed that five of the top ten sellers, in Japan, were mobile phone novels. Furthermore, the top three were all written by first-time novelists on this cellular platform. Rin, age 21, pictured above, was one of the top selling authors with over 400,000 hardcover books sold. It seems that these cell phone addicts are smacking around literary professionals with nothing but their lightning fast thumbs and girly wit. But I bet that with all that text-trained dexterity, they can do all kinds of cool stuff … like win thumb wars and give positive reinforcement.

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