Siphon Bar Makes Coffee, Costs $20,000

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Siphon Bar

The Siphon Bar is a bar that uses halogen light to brew coffee. It was imported from Japan at a price of no less than $20,000. However, don’t you just think that you can shovel over $20,000 and own this coffee-making beast. No, if you want to import it, you must be ready and you must be able to show your readiness to Japanese importer, Jay Egami. The NY Times reports:

“If you just want equipment you’re not ready,” Mr. Egami said in an interview. But, he added, James Freeman, the owner of the cafe [that bought the coffee maker], is different: “He’s invested time. He’s invested interest. He is ready.”

Apparently, the maker does not merely brew coffee on its own, it requires the work of an artisan to operate. I can appreciate the desire for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, but, damn, if I’m going to pay $20,000, I want my money’s worth. I don’t want to have to perfect the art of the siphon bar. Alternatively, you can also brew the perfect cup of coffee by buying my very own coffee brewer. Just like this bar, it requires that you master the art, but I’ll make you a deal, only $200. Sure, it’s only a paper coffee strainer and a wooden paddle, but that’s why you have to perfect the art, and you can’t put a price on perfection.

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