Shoot Yourself (A note) With The Gun-Shaped Memo Pad

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Notepad Gun

Urban Trend is behind the design of this bad boy. Satisfy your lust for all things gun-shaped by picking up one of these gun notepads. To complement the pad, the pen is bullet-shaped. I got one of these things and it got me into a lot of trouble. So, there I was at a stop light on my way to the store, flipping through my grocery list and writing down a few things I forgot when a cop pulls up beside me. The second I looked over and saw the look on the cop’s face, I knew it was bad news. To make a long story short, I had half the LAPD point their guns at me and it ended with a full-body cavity search. It was not a good day. I still can’t sit down right. Another picture after the jump.

notepad it looks to real for the LAPD

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