Sesame Street Videos Inspired Visual Thinking, Confirm Drug Use In the 1970s

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This video is groovy, man. It apparently shows the “early years of visualization”, according to core77, but I have it on good authority that people had the ability to visualize things before 1971. It is evident, however, that the writers of this skit were completely high when writing it. Look around 2:19-2:45; that shape is obviously a bong. And what is with the whole black dude singing skat and acting like Little Richard with major ADD? No, no, this just doesn’t sit right with me. Could this be the first dialouge between a black dude, and the man? I mean the black dude is obviously sticking it to him. And by that, I mean he is completely owning him on the shape-visualization front. I’ve always suspected that Jim Henson had some sort of dark secret. Now it’s confirmed. He was surely a shape-savvy racist (Note: this is unconfirmed).

More crazy [and most likely] drug-inspired Muppet “visualization” clips after the jump.

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