Self-Healing Rubber Gives Ruptured Stretch Armstrong Toys Everywhere The Chance to Begin Anew

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Self-heating rubber

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Sick and tired of putting up with regular, non-healing rubber, scientists at the National Center for Scientific Research in Paris have developed a synthetic rubber that can reattach itself when torn ends are simply touched back together.

The self-mending occurs because each strand consists of numerous small molecules of vegetable fat linked to each other and to far-flung neighbors via relatively weak hydrogen bonds, the same chemical bonds that give water molecules their cohesiveness. When the material was cut or ripped, the severed bonds remained chemically sticky for each other.

Personally, I don’t understand anything in that quote, especially the part about vegetable fat and their far-flung neighbors. Are they close to these neighbors? Do they have vegetable fat block parties where they close off the street and brag about their ride on mowers while their kids play vegetable fat baseball? Or is this the kind of place where you put bars on your windows and hide your patio funiture in your house at night? Video of the stuff in action, after the jump.

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