Seitz 6×17 Digital Is 160 MegaPixel Camera

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This beast of a camera packs one hell of an aesthetic punch. Its claims to fame are its 16×7 format photography at resolutions over 7,500×21,250 (160 million pixels), a 48-bit RGB color depth, and high dynamic range capabilities. Other formats it suports are 6×6, 6×5, and 6×15. The digital photography records to an attached tablet PC where each individual image is rendered at over 300MB/second; these render speeds are more than necessary, seeing how each picture comes in at around 900MB, each. There are two different options for the attachable tablet PC, a Core2Duo system, and a Pentium Mobile system, for HDR and basic rendering, respectively. The whole thing weighs over 10lbs and costs about $45,000. This thing puts my 2 megapixel pocket camera to shame, but costs about the same. I was terribly ripped off. Don’t buy from “photography experts” that deal from the back of their van. More pictures after the jump.


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