Sad Man Finds Out Nobody Misses Him

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Sad yearbook

Okay, so I assume you have all seen those ads that claim that people from your graduating class have already signed up and are looking for you (presumably that girl you pined for all through puberty). Well, apparently somebody actually believed them and signed up only to find out that, in fact, nobody was looking for him. No high school sweetheart. No friends that he hadn’t talked to in years. Not even any of those people that we all wish we didn’t remember. Nobody. When faced with that kind of heartache there is only one thing a man can do: sue. So Anthony Michaels of San Diego is attempting to get class action status for his lawsuit against This could be a pretty important court case because it would bring more accountability to online advertisers. You can expect a slew of iPod-less victims to follow. But, I have to say that this story just seems really, really sad. It gets even more pathetic when you read the original article and find out that he first discovered that nobody was looking for him on Christmas Eve. Sad.

<Wired via Consumerist>

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