Rubber Band Artillery For Sale, Disintigrator not Threatened

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Rubber Band Artillery

In 1932, the Great Rubber Band War was won by Sweden with the help of the vast Disintigrator-toting Swede army. The unsung hero of this bloodless rampage was the Mini Rubber Band Artillery, manned by the diminutive Icelanders. They cut through the poor defenseless French like a hot knife through a cold croissant. With word spreading of the impending uprising of the Rubber Band armies, thinkgeek is doing it’s part to bring these tiny artillery guns back to the masses. For $15, you can own these 5.5 inch cannons of Rubber-Fueled fury and unleash all the newspaper-bundling rubber that those damned French can handle. Or you could just keep them on your desk as a novelty, whichever floats your boat. I just can’t recommend trying to float your boat with rubber bands. It’s just not a good idea.

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