Robot is Watching You, Giving Kids Nightmares

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If you’ve ever been lost in a shopping area, and nobody would listen your cries for help, then this “product” will give you great joy. If you’re not one of those people (like me), you will find this to be terrifying at best. Introducing “Robovie”, the bastard child of iRobot and ROB (for you old-school Nintendo kids). The Robovie’s main function is to seek out people who seem disoriented and lost and then give them directions that will make them oriented and found. I, however, remain very skeptical. This thing looks less like a robot to help point you in the direction of the Food Court, and much more like a robot that can look deep into your soul and tell you your deepest fears. In my case, it would tell me “Colonel Sanders, Snakes, Sobriety, and This“. I have some weird deep fears.


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