Real Thumb Drive is Creepy, Creeps Me Out

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Real thumb drive

Have you even wanted a thumb drive that was capable of both storing your vital data, as well as scaring the ever-loving shit out of small children?  Well, if so, I have some great news!  Now available over at USB Geek is the USB Real Thumb Drive!  This literal thumb drive sports standard USB 2.0 transfer speeds, 2 GB of storage, and a pretty standard price point of $20.  Just think of all the possibilities… you can now store MP3s and have a more effective “floating thumb” magic trick… you can backup vital data while trying to hitchhike… or generally creep people out as they take a gander at your “thumb drive”.  Personally, I still think I prefer the Hacked! Thumb Drive, but this one definitely has it’s… ummm…. charms (much like a rabbit’s foot).

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