Real Life Halo Sword Exists, Is 2x Pointy

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Halo Sword

So someone out there named “Lionheartsrealm” has an e-bay store, and absolutely no life. They have created this 36 in. long deadly metal tweezer replica of the Energy Sword from Halo 2&3. The bidding has begun at $125.00, and has been climbing at a rapid rate all the way up to $127.45 (this guy is the leading bidder at the moment). The auction refers to this as a “Life Size Replica” of the sword, and says that it has a “custom handle fit for any elite”. I would bid myself, but I definitely fear the consequences. If wielding the sword in Halo causes people to yell and call you a sword-whore, I think wielding this thing in public would result in much worse name calling. Words like, “nerd”, “loser”, “dork”, and “OH MY GOD IT’S A STABBING MANIAC!!!” might be used liberally. Also, I don’t think the cops would appreciate the artistic merits of such a Halo re-enactment. One more pic after the jump


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jake April 5, 2009 at 12:20 pm

wow… your right he has no life… and maybe if you heald it in public a halo nerd might actually come up to you and call you a sword whore…. i wonder…

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