Poseidon Gives New Meaning to ‘Sleeping With the Fish’

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Enter: Poseidon, Istanbul’s first underwater hotel. It is located seven stories underwater. The hotel is expected to open in 2010, giving a unique vacationing option to scuba freaks, aqua geeks, and rich folk, alike. The tentatitve room price is $15,000 per week. Poseidon is not the first undewater resort built, but it is the first one I’ve written about, which makes it the most awesome.

I, myself, am too afraid to spend a night in this thing. Not because it’s underwater, or the possibility of disaster, or anything like that. These rooms are suspiciously pill-shaped, and I’m deathly afraid of all things pill shaped. I think it had something to do with all the ‘suppositories’ my uncle used to make me take. He’s in prison, now.

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