Pocket 56K Modem for Palm III, Only 10 Years Too Late

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Pocket 56K Modem

In a move that is sure to make those of you who still live in 1995 rejoyce, ENR Technologies has released an infrared wireless modem designed for the Palm III.  That’s right, folks… if you still love to hear that “You’ve Got Mail!”, and also love having to wait 20 minutes to get that newest song off of Napster, then you can finally do so over infrared!  This device, although designed for the Palm III, will work with any compatible device that still uses that unbelievably slow fast IR connection.  This device is just what I’ve been looking for.  I can’t afford a cell phone, or any of them fancy “laptop computers”, so I’m reduced to using an old Hello-Kitty Branded child’s learning device.  Lucky for me, it happens to come with an IR port, so now I can get to surfing all of my favorite porn educational sites at blazing 56k speeds thanks to the McCormick family, who doesn’t know that I sneak into their house at night to steal their free AOL Minutes.


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keith January 19, 2010 at 4:03 am

It all sounds interesting and some how darkly mysterious. Darkness within darkness the gateay to all understanding. Stay well kitty.

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