Star Wars Cookbook

I have to announce something to the world wide web: I love to cook. I buy cookbooks. I watch the Food Network. I even go to kitchen supply stores and just look at all the wondrous gadgets and utensils. I am also a sucker for all things gimmicky. So, it seems as though somebody had people like me in mind when they created the Star Wars Cookbooks. Now, I just want to clarify something, I am not a huge Star Wars fan. I watched the movies and liked most of them, but you won’t see me in costume at a convention any time soon. Unfortunately for me, this is the exact kind of crap I would buy and regret before it even arrived in the mail. What can I say? I’m weak. So, for all those weak-willed, Star Wars fans that dabble in the culinary arts, there is a cookbook for you.

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Sad yearbook

Okay, so I assume you have all seen those ads that claim that people from your graduating class have already signed up and are looking for you (presumably that girl you pined for all through puberty). Well, apparently somebody actually believed them and signed up only to find out that, in fact, nobody was looking for him. No high school sweetheart. No friends that he hadn’t talked to in years. Not even any of those people that we all wish we didn’t remember. Nobody. When faced with that kind of heartache there is only one thing a man can do: sue. So Anthony Michaels of San Diego is attempting to get class action status for his lawsuit against This could be a pretty important court case because it would bring more accountability to online advertisers. You can expect a slew of iPod-less victims to follow. But, I have to say that this story just seems really, really sad. It gets even more pathetic when you read the original article and find out that he first discovered that nobody was looking for him on Christmas Eve. Sad.

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During a 2005 soccer match between Real Madrid and Villareal, 17 top of the line cameras were focused on cranial combatant extraordinaire Zinedine Zidane for the entirety of the game. The result is a soccer match with a beautiful, cinematic feel that runs in real time for 93 minutes. Technically speaking, the video is a marvel. It looks like something shot for the climactic game at the end of some inspirational sports movie, except the stadium is actually full and it wasn’t shot during half time. You can’t really tell what is going on in the game itself, because Zidane is the focus the whole time, but it gives it a much more artistic feel as opposed to a regular broadcast of the game. I hear the YouTube video doesn’t do it much justice, but this will have to hold you over until the US release or if you have some way to play PAL DVDs.

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Star Wars Kids Book

Looks like somebody went about creating a nifty little alphabet using Star Wars characters. This looks like a great way to teach a child the complexities of the Star Wars mythos and the alphabet at the same time. I wish somebody had made stuff like this when I was a kid. I had to go about it the old fashioned way: reading the Bible by candle light and picking out individual frames of film from the movie theater dumpster. Man, the internet is awesome. Hit the link to see the rest of the alphabet.

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Redrock for DSLR

For those of you that had not heard yet, the new Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 digital SLR cameras support full HD video recording capabilities. This allows you to drop around $2,700 or $1,000, depending on the camera, and $500 or so on a lens and then shoot amazing HD video (or some very mediocre HD video, I guess it’s really up to you). The fact that you can change lenses and that most of them cost well under $1,000, allows you to shoot some pretty cinematic videos without selling your car and your last kidney. These cameras do come with some drawbacks, however. One of them being the relatively small size of the camera makes for some pretty unstable shots and, from a purely ergonomical standpoint, they just aren’t designed to shoot video. Fortunately, for all those miserly amateur filmmakers, Redrock has developed a “cinematizing” kit to fix just these problems. The rig bolts on around the camera and turns it into a much more video friendly device. No word yet on pricing, but the rig will be made available October 28th. I guess I will have to wait until then to finish production on my amateur film: The Dark Fate of Tomorrow Destiny XIX: King Killstab’s Return.



Skull Ring

Solid Alliance, a company that is well-known for USB Accessories made for the today’s goth/nerd on the go, has decided that a skull ring would be the best vehicle for their new storage solution.  No longer do goth nerds need to carry around functionless chunks of metal on their fingers in the name of being “anti-establishment” and hardcore.  They can now sport functional plastic skulls packed with 2GB of their favorite slipknot tunes and anarchist diatribes.

I’m not so sure that this sort of product is created for me in mind.  Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being able to unhinge the “jaw” of my ring, and store all of my porn precious documents on my hand, but this thing is just lame.  Who needs to show how badass they are through jewlery?  I prefer the old fashioned way of drinking a liter of Jack Daniels and starting fights with the local elementary schoolers (which I only occasionally lose).

Oh, and did I mention that this monstrosity costs $145?  That kinda money should buy much more than 2GB of storage.  Especially for what amounts to a promise ring for nerds.  You know, promise rings… those rings that show off your committment to not having sex until marriage.  These are like those, except they show off your inability to find someone to have sex with you.

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Audio Desk Trimmer

Audiophiles, some of the least financially responsible people in the world, have come up with yet another way to waste their money in the name of sound.  According to Audiophiles, a slight imbalance in the force the weighting of a CD can induce distortions, “laser scatter”, and the terror that is digital noise.  The poorly-named Audio Desk Trimmer (that does not trim desks, despite the name) spins your unevenly weighted CD, and uses a sharp blade to remove the offending excess material.  What the penniless Audiophile will then possess is a beautifully round disc with “edges angled at 38 degrees to effectively reduce laser scatter”.

This thing does sound kinda pointless nifty as a conversation starter about how you are still a virgin love music, but at a $900 price point, it’s a little ridiculous.  I’m not sure that “improvements in focus, transient attack, detail, and transparency” are worth $900…. mostly because I’m not sure what most of those things are.  If you feel like picking one up, head over to UltraSystem and do so.  Just look at it this way: If you’re spending $900 on a CD trimmer, think of all the money you’ll save on condoms (by never… ever needing to use one).



Fallout 3 Cheats

So Fallout and Fallout 2 were the fecal matter (as in, the shit). And, I mean that in a good way. I’ve been waiting for Fallout 3 for a long time. I’ve already pre-ordered the PC version. I heard it was like Oblivion with guns, and that can be a turnoff for some people, but as it turns out, I enjoyed Oblivion, and I like guns.

Anyway, it is no secret that the Xbox360 version of Fallout 3 has already leaked onto the internet. Reader, MyLittlePony, has sent us glitches/cheats that he/she has already discovered, along with a little video. Why he/she sent this to us, of all sites, is beyond me, but, here it is, anyway. We bring you the first look into some glitches, hints, and cheats:

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