Only crickets heard at CES for Toshiba HD DVD

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What was once a raging format war (despite Microsoft denying its existence) seems to have come to a screeching halt. It’s old news now that the Warner camp jumped ship to go blu-ray-exclusive, but what impact has it had in such short time? Well, apparently, Toshiba was sweating medicine balls at CES when presenting their HD DVD players. reports:

Jody Sally, vice president of digital audio/visual equipment [at Toshiba], which includes Toshiba HD DVD player lineup, looked on the verge of tears during her truncated three-minute presentation in which reports of HD DVD’s sales progress became moot following Warner Brothers decision to exclusively support the rival Blu-ray high definition DVD format later this year.

Sally tried to put on a good game face, though, noting that HD DVD unit sales over the holiday shopping period accounted for 49.3% of the market. What she didn’t note was that the figure would then translate to Blu-ray capturing the majority of sales of standalone players despite heavy Toshiba discounting. And those numbers do not include PlayStation 3 sales.

Seems that HD DVD is going the way of so many other greats before them, like betamax and the Spartans. They may have put up a valiant fight, but it looks like Blu-ray is winning this one. Toshiba may end up paying in the end, but knowing Microsoft, they will persist, claiming that their product is superior and pour money into it until they convince people that the idea is crazy enough to… uh… work? Hey Microsoft, I got something better you can invest in. It’s called my beer fund. You’ll lose less money and it win you a different market-war: which company can get me the most drunk. You’d be the only participants, so you’d have full market control. But, you wouldn’t know anything about monopolies, would you?

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