OLPC Blunders Again, Hates the Poor

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Smiling children like these won’t be seen anywhere near an OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) XO Laptop anytime soon. The manufacturer has had a ton of trouble with actually making these things and then shipping them out to people who purchase them. The idea behind OLPC is that for $800, you can purchase a small, functional (albeit underpowered) laptop for yourself, and have another one donated to a child either in the US or in a developing nation. Well, apparently the software they were using to track orders is a complete failure, as it has been unable to keep addresses and names straight. It has, however, managed to take the money of people who have been waiting months for their laptops, and for confirmation of the laptop delivery to a needy child. I’m okay with Sony completely hosing companies like Toshiba, and I’m even okay with taking candy from babies (if it’s a fat baby with good candy)… but this is just going too far. Stealing $800 from a charitable person, and depriving a child of a laptop is just cruel and unusual.

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