Old People Like Gadgets, too

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As technology becomes more advanced and generations age, more and more senior citizens begin to embrace new technology. Cellphones are replacing land lines, and companies like Samsung and Motorola are jumping in to the ‘old person’ market with bigger buttons and screens. Nintendo Wii has struck gold with the elderly. It’s hard to find a nursing home without one these days. It houses the fun of tennis and bowling without any real fear of tennis elbow or bowling hip, but more importantly, it keeps them fit and active. While us young whipper-snappers are rockin’ out in Dance Dance Revolution, the AARP has Dancetown, featuring waltzes and crooner music instead of rock and techno. Whether it is through the size and convenience of the Samsung Jitterbug or the interactivity of the Nintendo Wii, technology is being marketed more and more for old people, everyday. This could also explain the break-in and disappearance of my Wii… and also why the police sketch attained from my neighbor’s witness account looks like a hairy turtle. Damn hooligans. I knew it was going to be dangerous moving into a suburban neighborhood of senior citizens.

More pictures of old people playing video games after the jump.

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