Old and Busted: Diapers, New Hotness: Pants in a Pinch

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Pants in a pinch

Pants in a pinch are pretty much exactly what they sound like: Pants that you can carry around with you, and then put on if you happen to soil yourself.  They will set you back $20, and only currently run in little kid’s sizes, but I think there’s something to be had in this idea.  I think if I had the chance, I would rebrand them as “Drinkin’ Pants”.  I’ve found that almost all of my pants-related accidents involve some some sort of alcohol consumption.  If I could have a pair of these bad boys in my pocket after a long night of drinkin’, it could save me a lot of embarrassment after I pull my soiled self out of the dumpster in the alley behind the liquor store classy bar.  Style isn’t my first concern in these instances; having not-poop-stained pants is my first priority.

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