Nokia Blade: It Doesn’t Fit In Your Pocket

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Nokia Blade

Nokia, a company that was at one point almost synonymous with cell phone technology, has been branching into other emerging tech sectors as of late.  This Kiosk device, currently in development in Australia, is planned for various Kiosk-based applications.

The streamlined Blade is an ultra slim, sleek and professionally designed interactive transactional touchscreen kiosk designed for self-service ticketing. It suits a wide range of self service, information and transactional based applications.

From the description, it seems that this device would be used for movie theaters, help in malls, and perhaps even banking.  Despite seeming like a really cool idea (and one that may be limited to Australian use for the time being), I can’t help but want to try and put the thing in my pocket.  It seriously looks like a cell phone to begin with, and when I see the name “Nokia” emblazoned on the front of it, I think that it is a phone that I must steal.  The only problem with my attempts to steal it are that it has “gas strut assisted upper and lower fascias”, and I’m not even partially sure what those are.  Whatever they are, though, they sure do make the damned thing heavy.  More picturey goodness after the jump


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