New Hotness: Polaroid Mobile Printer

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Polaroid Mobile Printer

Let us have a moment of silence for the Polaroid instant camera.  No longer can Outkast instruct you to “Shake it like a Polaroid picture”.  No longer can you purchase new equipment that will allow you to take poorly-colored images that fade in a matter of months.  Say hello to the new Polaroid Instant Mobile Photo Printer.  This pocket-sized printer uses ZINK Zero Ink printing technology to create 2″ x 3″ prints of your digital images.  It can connect to your devices via USB or Bluetooth, and runs on a Li-Ion battery.  There is no word yet on pricing, but it seems that Polaroid is making a solid entry into the digital age.  They, much like me, seem to be putting their foot down in declaring the analog age dead.  Unlike me, however, they seem reluctant to stage naked protests against analog technology in front of the local grocery store.  Until they come out with digital food, my protests will continue.


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