NES Shoe is Shoe With Built-In Nintendo

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Nintendo shoe

Some people wear shoes, some people collect shoes, some wish they had some, and others mod them. Someone at the Sneaker Pimps national tour decided that it would be a good idea to put a Nintendo Entertainment System inside a shoe. Apparently, the thing actually works, too. I haven’t seen a shoe this cool since the time my roommate stepped on a huge nail. Not only was his shoe then attached to his foot, ensuring maximum foot-to-shoe adhesion, but it also dyed the thing the most brilliant color of red. He was always complaining that they didn’t make shoes in sizes 9 1/3, and how 9 1/2s they never really fit right; so, I thought I’d do him this “favor”. We always played playful pranks like this on each other. He would hit me with a bat, I would hit him with my car; he would pee in my dresser, I stick nails up in front of his bedroom door. Ya… we really didn’t like each other.

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