Motorola Nest: Filling All Your Asymmetrical Needs

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Motorola Nest

Motorola hasn’t had a hit phone since the Razr debuted back in 1983 (or at least it feels like that long ago).  The Razr was what people wanted; it was slim, innovative, had a decent camera for the time, and sported a great display.  Rather than improving upon that concept with new phones, they kept re-releasing the Razr with new features such as MP3 capability, or a mother-approved pink case.  This decision nearly bankrupted the once-prominent manufacturer.

Motorola is once again trying to reinvent itself as a bleeding-edge (no Razr pun intended) phone manufacturer.  Say hello to the Nest.  Motorola is now banking on a demand for phones that are outlandishly asymmetrical.  Although still in R&D, this ridiculous concept is appararently going to be put into mass production.  People are expecting it to boast an OLED display and… other… things.  I think.  It might even make phone calls!

I wish Motorola the best of luck in getting this thing out the door.  And by that, I mean that it’s never going to happen, and I’m not even sure why I’m wasting my time writing about this vaporware cell phone.


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