Monster Cables are Overpriced, Replacable by Coat Hangers

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Monster cable myth

One of the most consistently debated topics on audiophile message boards is whether or not Monster brand audio cables are worth the INSANE prices.  Monster cables, well-known for being up to 10x more expensive as their competition, has somehow managed to sell tons and tons of audio and video cables thanks to clever and creative lies marketing.  Well, some hero/genius/legend constructed a test where he created speaker wire out of coat hangers, and then tested them against the Monster brand audio cables.  The test involved a group of self-professed audiophiles piling into a room, and then listening to the same audio sample using the 2 different cables.  After much testing, the group was unable to tell the difference between the coat hanger speaker-wire, and the ultra-expensive Monster cables.  So I guess the moral of the story is that coat hangers are no longer just for hanging coats and back-alley “surgery”… they also make decent speaker wire.  Also, the people at Monster are actual monsters who eat your money.


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