Momentarily Freak People Out And Then Forever Be Labled A Jackass

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shark wet suit

I’ve recently been looking for a way to fake mortal wounds while surfing during the winter months. I feel no need to explain why, but this search has been mostly fruitless until now.

It seems that Diddo (the designer, not the singer from that Eminem song or the sex toy) has come up with a way to print intricate designs onto wetsuits. Aside from the shark attack version, there are also wood, moss, muscle, sponge, and many other textures available. I’m not sure how popular sponge and moss will be among the surfing populace, but I think the idea is intriguing, nonetheless. I do think that they should make one more though: ocean. Who wouldn’t want to make themselves look like just a bobbing, severed head? Another pic after the jump.


Other Wetsuits

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