Modu is Mysterious, Teaser Teases

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Do you Modu?

Modu, formally Infone-Tech, is a new mobile startup company. CEO of the Isreali company, Dov Moran, is the former owner of M-Systems, a company which was sold to SanDisk for over $1 and a half billion. Their official website only displays, “launching soon,” with with an abstract side view of what seems to be their new mobile device. Modu’s product is suspect for conjecture, and they want to make you guess what they have to bring to the table. Their newest video, an obvious marketing ploy, makes the viewer think that their Modu will become an integral part of their everyday lives. It is well made, and I’ll admit, I want to know what it’s all about.

Success or flop? It looks like all we can do is wait. Since the video is beckoning speculation, I’ll bite and let you know what I think. From what I can tell, it is an electronic device that wakes you up, makes your coffee, distracts you on your drive to work, distracts you at work (so it probably gets you fired), and doubles as a sex toy. I’ve been told that my observational skills are something to be desired.

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