Mobius Strip is Dangerous, Helmet Companies Rejoyce

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Mobius Climber

The Mobius Strip climbers, now available from Landscape Structures, seem like an awesome new way to injure children.  The website boasts that “kids love climbing up, down, over and under as they test their strength and agility, and invent limitness new games”.  The only problem with this is what happens to the kids if they fail the tests of strength and agility, or if the new games they invent are titled something like “Throw the Kid from the top of the Strip”.  These sorts of games and failures are the things that broken bones and massive head injuries are made of.  I, however, applaud the makers of this device.  Kids these days are babied far too much.  Back in my day, we had our playgrounds made out of sharp metal suspended over unprotected concrete.  It’s that sort of playground design that will toughen a kid up for the harsh realities of life.  Well, either toughen them up or kill them, but those who die weren’t fit to live in the real world anyway. <Product Site>

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