Minimal Dual Clock is Overwhelmingly Underwhelming

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Minimal dual clock

Are you a busy person?  Do you have places to be and people to see?  Do you need to know what time it is, both in Analog and Digital?  If you answered yes to that last question, then some jackass Daniel Jarr has come up with the clock that you need to own.  On top of featuring two different methods of time telling, this bad boy is also an alarm clock!  Pushing down on the right side of it activates/sets the alarm, and the left side acts as a snooze button.  Also, as if those functions weren’t enough, there is also a light on this thing!  Is there anything it can’t do?  Well, yes actually.  There are many things that it can’t do.  I tried to use mine to open up a beer last night and broke off the analog side.  That’s okay, though.  I never learned how to read clocks with hands anyway.  Who needs ‘em?  I’m holding out for a combination sundial/mini-Stonehenge before I make another time-telling based investment.


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