Mini-Fake Soccer Exists, Is Depressing

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Mini Fake Soccer

If you’re poor, drunk, and like soccer, this device is most likely for you (although one can only barely call it a device).  Brando has taken the liberty of skewering some poor pewter figures to sticks, and attaching said sticks to a miniature version of a soccer field.  This 280g field (which I think translates to 437 lbs, but I’m bad at conversions) is then supposedly used for playing fake soccer.  I don’t know about you, but when I get drunk enough to want to play mini-foosball (from here on out, called mini-mini-fake-soccer), I’m usually too drunk to do anything other than lay in a pool of my own refuse and bile (which makes the actual use of this product a little difficult).  So if you are not at all like me, and feel like buying this piece of junk amazing product, go ahead and head over to the product page, order the product, and then sit around and realize how sad your life probably is.  More lame pictures after the jump…


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