Microsoft is Sorry, Gives Free Game

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Sorry Microsoft

When Microsoft’s Xbox Live went down, tortured cries of those denied their Halo went up. Throughout much of January, Xbox Live experienced all sorts of issues, which were chronicled in an earlier post. While they have still not settled their legal dispute, Microsoft is issuing a formal apology of sorts to their faithful Xbox Live supporters in the form of a free XBLA download. The game “Undertow” is available from now through Sunday free of charge as Microsoft’s peace offering. Undertow is a 2D Shooter at heart with modern 3D graphics, set in an alternate world where the earth is completely covered in water. The game has been getting some great reviews, and should definitely be worth a download. You know what else has been getting some great reviews? Me. My hotornot profile has been blowing up these days. I guess that’s what happens when you pretend you’re Tom Brady.

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