Microsoft Gets Spanked, Lawyer Speaks Out

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Microsoft Spanked

Microsoft is facing a warranted class-action law suit after they reported record Xbox Live sales in December. In the suit filed on January 4, Texas gamers, Keith Kay, Orlando Perez, and Shannon Smith, claim that they, along with millions of other Xbox Live subscribers suffered over 5$ Million in damages. A little background: the surge in Xbox Live subscribers over the holidays caused major problems on Microsoft’s gaming servers, causing lost/failed connections, slow game play, and feature loss, among other issues. So, why take on the behemoth of a company for only few weeks of having to spend some time outdoors? The four gamers’ consumer fraud lawyer, Jason Gibson, who boasts a perfect record in court, explained to

“These are not guys looking to get rich… They are in their late 20s and 30s. They are college-educated. These are not young kids who just turned 18 and [want] to sue for the fun of it. This is, to them, a real issue… They can’t get their complaints addressed by a company like Microsoft, the only way to get their attention is in numbers… What they would like to see is Microsoft fix the problem… They’d like to be reimbursed for the money they spent when they haven’t received the service, and hopefully it will make Microsoft do the right thing in the future.”

Microsoft reported that they have lured and snaged over 10 million Live subscribers, mainly due to holiday season sales. Gibson states:

“If they had not anticipated the sales, then they would not have put out that many units of the Xbox to begin with… They take the money for the subscriptions, but they don’t make sure that the service is going to be there… They kind of put the cart before the horse.”

Seems legit enough to me. Since Live went down, I was forced to get off the couch, and where my ass used to be, was nothing but sharp skin and bone, my legs failed to function properly, and all I could think about was destroying armor-plated Halo characters. I think I can get into this suing thing… but not for the money, that’s only a bonus byproduct of my just cause. Microsoft just failed to provide a “service” that they promised me.

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