Meet the Motorcycle that Can’t Fall Over

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Lit Motors C-1

Lit Motors has unveiled a new 2-wheeled vehicle that cannot be tipped over. The gyroscopically stabilized machine, dubbed the C-1, was unveiled at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2012. From the popular website:

…imagine a vehicle that’s smaller than a Smart Car, nearly a third of the price of a Nissan Leaf ($32,500), safer than a motorcycle with a range capacity that just lets you drive  and won’t ever tip over

So you get to pay $10,833.33 to drive a vehicle that won’t tip over, but is so small that I couldn’t see it below the dash of my monster-lifted Chevy truck, and would inevitably suffer from a severe case of flattened vehicle (disease contracted by said truck’s giant tires)? No thanks – I prefer to scream at the world exactly how small my penis is.

Continue reading for more pictures.

Sexy girl shows of C-1

On another note, later iterations will be interesting to see. C’s1-3 will probably be pretty tame, but I predict that the C-4 will explode onto the car scene. See what I did there? I just took 3 seconds from you that you will never get back. Sucker.

via @techcrunch

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