Man Assembles 73 inch Lego Star Ship

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Lego Ship

This Lego heavyweight tips the scales at 30 lbs, and measures 73 inches long. It is a replica of Grevious’s ship from Star Wars Episode III. It took builder, Mark Kelso, a dedicated 9 months to complete. You could say that this thing has been his baby from conception to birth (sorry, I had to do it, the analogy fits too well). The only real difference is that instead of sexing up a woman, he spent months at home building this thing to perfection. As a true Star Wars fan, Mark spent extra time making sure that no pieces were sticking out and the details were perfect. This thing probably now floats in his bedroom above his lightsaber lamps. More pictures after the jump.

Dude with his creation… to scale.Another shotclose upanother detailed view

source: gizmodo

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