Magnetic Furniture is Not Pacemaker-Safe

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Magnetic Furniture

Held together with “Strong Magnets”, designer Josh Pell has created the world’s first furniture held together with nothing more than magnets. No screws, no fasteners, no adhesives of any kind were used in the production of this furniture. Each segment of each piece is crafted from a solid piece of Corian, and is held together using a magnetic joining system.

Aesthetically, Venus Collection has been influenced by the curvaceous hour glass female form and design for women. It’s about blurring the gaps between engineering, design, structure and forming an elegantly resolved collection that is a stand out piece of furniture in the market and can be interpreted as a work of art.

Although I feel that the visual merits, as well as the functional merits of this furniture are commendable, it is the Darwinistic merits that appeal to me the most. It is well known that pacemakers and magnets do not play well together. Since euthanasia is not something that is “widely accepted” as a means of “killing creepy old people”, I think this furniture would be able to weed out the weakest. Survival of the fittest, baby. If you can’t survive sitting on a piece of furniture made of magnets, then you probably aren’t fit to reproduce anymore. Especially not if you plan on reproducing via the “Alabama Crab Dangle”. Yep… let that image just sit in your mind for a little while. Old people sex. Eww. More pictures after the jump (of the furniture, not the old people sex, you sicko).


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