Macbook Air is Tiny, Pretentious

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Only days removed from CES, and Steve Jobs has decided that he wants attention again. This time, his attention-grabing, flame-war inducing, fan-boy wet-dream has come in the form of a laptop. The Macbook air is, according to Jobs, the world’s thinnest laptop. The Air sports a 13.3″ screen, is .76 inches at it’s thickest point, and weighs just under 3 lbs. It comes with the option of either an 80 gb thin HDD, or a 64 gb solid-state disc drive. Feel like listening to your favorite cd or watching that dvd?  Too bad, this baby is too packed-tight to rock any sort of optical drive. Part of the appeal is that it allows you to “borrow” optical drives from other computers wirelessly (or you can hook up an external drive via USB or Firewire). I’m assuming this is much like how I “borrow” optical drives from others by “taking” them from their “houses”after I “break their windows”. Now, of course Steve Jobs is not advocating robbery, but it sure sounds like it to me. After all, I know that charging $3,100 for any laptop basically amounts to robbery of the highway variety. Another picture after the jump.


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